Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Memories of Growing Up on the St. Marys River, by Dawn (Cartwright) Sundstrom

Memories of Growing Up on the St. Marys River

Dawn (Cartwright) Sundstrom

Every summer as a child I spent on her shores, swimming, floating my cares away. To sit on the dock each day and listen to the soft lapping of water was serene & calming,

To view the beauty each day was a privilege and we knew we lived somewhere special.

Sweet memories of boat rides with Dad to Sugar Island to get a Fudge-sickle at the bait store,

Summers on the beach, watching the big freighters glide by, sucking out water, pushing back frothy waves, upsetting our sand castles.

Glorious days of swimming with friends and family, first time learning how to Dog Paddle, water-ski, and dive.

Scary moments of slipping under water and then big brother pulling me up from the depths.

Docks being built, boats dropping by to visit.

Party boats at night floating by with music, and people partying onboard.

Our Wedding in my parent’s front yard along her beautiful shores with a big Freighter saluting us after we took our vows.

Many days we basked in her greatness, family picnics, swimming all summer long…what lovely days and how I miss her!

I now live far away from the beautiful St. Marys River but I come home a couple times a year and I soak her in, the pretty blue waters…

I hope they never turn brown, green, or muddy…please keep her alive because she is our history and our future!

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